Carpet Cleaning Frodsham, Helsby, Tarvin, Tarporley and Kelsall.

TWH Carpet Cleaning: a professional, highly-trained team of carpet cleaners providing quality cleaning services to customers in and around Frodsham, Helsby, Tarvin, Tarporley and Kelsall. 

A clean carpet is luxurious – warm and plush. It provides a comfortable, clean environment for your family and, as a bonus, it looks lovely too! But an unclean carpet, discoloured and worn out, can become a real eyesore and source of stress. If that’s the case for you, TWH Carpets might just have the solution…

Why Carpets Require Professional Cleaning 

Although there are many reasons why a professional carpet cleaning service could benefit your home, there is one that comes above the rest and is why we think the regular, deep-cleaning of your carpet is a must: bacteria. 

Hidden to us humans, unwanted germs, viruses and bacteria get caught on the fibres of your carpet, where they can remain for up to a month. In fact, research shows that carpets are one of the most germ-infested places in the home. And it’s unavoidable! Our carpets are used day in, day out, and constantly pick up germs and bacteria from our shoes, clothes and even our hands! Having your carpets professionally cleaned ensures that all dirt – bacteria and germs included – is lifted from your carpet, making for a cleaner, more hygienic home environment. 

And, of course, professionally cleaned carpets mean staining is removed, and the overall look and feel or your carpets is restored to all its original, luxurious glory. 

Why TWH? 

TWH Carpet Cleaning is loved by all those who use our services, and so many of our customers now use us on a regular basis to ensure that their home is as healthy and hygienic as possible. Here are a few reasons why we think that might be the case: 

  1. As well as being friendly and professional, TWH Carpet Cleaning are hugely conscientious and courteous when it comes to your home. We know how much your home means to you and how important it is for you to have your belongings treated with respect. That’s why we’ll talk you through the whole process, ask your permission before we touch anything or move any furniture, and we’ll put everything back in its rightful place before we go.
  2. Our customers know that we only use the best equipment; high-quality, independently tested cleaning products and, of course, our trusty (and slightly famous!) pink truck mount cleaning machine comes with us wherever we go.
  3. TWH Carpet Cleaning pride ourselves on being trusted by all our customers to only provide the best cleaning services possible, with our main aim being to leave you happy and satisfied that your carpets, and your home, are as clean and hygienic as possible. 

If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaning service in Frodsham, Helsby, Tarvin, Tarporley or Kelsall that will leave you feeling satisfied and sure in the knowledge that your home is spotlessly clean, right down to the carpets, please get in touch to receive a no-obligation FREE quote. Call us on 0151 357 2295, or drop us an email at 

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